Hello, I’m Gill Mogg (Moggy). Director of Bridgwater Chapter     





Welcome to our web site.  I'm really proud to be a member of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.). We're people from all walks of life who love their Harley Davidsons. 


Bridgwater Chapter was formed in 1989 (the oldest continous Chapter in Europe) and with nearly 400  members, we're still growing. Whether you like riding alone, with a few friends or a group, dancing til dawn or riding all day, we have something for you. I am really proud to be the Director of Bridgwater Chapter. I joined in 1998 and since then I have experienced some of the best times of my life with wonderful experiences and marvellous friends. We’ve recently expanded this site with some extra exciting features including  new sections such 'Our Bikes', 'Adventures', 'Ladies of Harley' and ‘Merchandise’ The new pages will grow as time goes on, so the site will keep changing.


If you're not a member, I hope you have a look through this site and then join us. Click here for my page


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This site last updated 28th January 2015 In:


2015 Events & Ride Calendar updated - Cider Rally Party Time Countdown -

 Cider Rally Flyer - 2015 Committee Meeting dates added -

2015 Club Night dates added - 2015 ABC Programme & 2015 Chapter Challenge 

Chapter Challenge sign up & verification days added


2015 Membership Form now on "Join Us" page


Riders Maintenance Day







Latest Chapter News      



Cider Rally 2015



Party Time Countdown Clock Click HERE




(Double Click the picture for some brilliant "Good Time" memories)


 Eureka -  It's HERE!!!


Your Cider Rally 2015 booking form and rules


Click HERE for the Form & HERE  for the rules


 For the 2015 off site hotels list - Click HERE


Important note:- Just remember there are two

sides to the Cider Rally form which must be printed

and signed for on the front page to confirm you

have read & accepted the disclaimer. 


 For Flyer with Full Itinerary Details - CLICK HERE


It's a great location with full indoor

entertainment facilities

Fantastic bands

Bike Show

Parade of bikes to Weston Super Mare on

Saturday morning

Brilliant ride outs on the Sunday.

A Super Raffle with some amazing prizes.

Above all FUN FUN FUN!!!

Come on and party Bridgwater style


Remember this event always sells out

so book early.


We welcome and look forward to seeing all our friends!!!


 Moggy & the Bridgwater Crew


                                          Riders New 2014 website link !!!



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Message from H.O.G.® - benefits to get you out and about!


     The range of H.O.G.® benefits continues to expand in 2014 to help you get the most from your membership. We

     understand that owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is all about the experience, feeling the wind in your hair

     and the sense of freedom and pride that comes with being an owner – 12 months a year. That’s why H.O.G® has

     put so much focus on experiences and travel and holiday opportunities for you to enjoy – whenever you’re out

     and about. For more details click HERE



2015 ABC Programme 


     Some members  thought it would be a good idea for as many of us as we can to take part in the ABC touring

     programme, there are a few of us doing it already but of course more the merrier, you don’t have to anything

     extra just make sure you have your HOG tales every time you go out and then just stop at the signs/places etc.,

     it may make your journey a bit longer but fun, we can even have our own club competition so one of you will

     win something even if  it’s not the HOG prize.


                                                       For more details of the 2015 ABC Programme - Click HERE



 2015 Chapter Challenge competition


     Some members also thought about doing the Chapter Challenge competition. This one is all about mileage and

     seeing as a lot of us are travelling aboard this year we could build up some good miles so again the rules and

     what to do are below. Moggy will get the official forms to fill in so just  let her know if you fancy doing either or

     both, rules and what to do for each competition is below, any questions give Moggy a shout.


For more details of the 2015 Chapter Challenge -  Click HERE


Sign up and verification days at Riders Bridgwater 21st & 28th February - see you all there!!!

 (or send your form details to Moggy before and we will get it done for you)



Riders Maintenance Day - 28th February


Click HERE for details




January 2015


          12/01/15 - Bridgwater Chapter Sponsored Slim - Start delayed until February meeting due to formal

                           charity sponsorship forms needed.


 February 2015


          1/2/2015 - Just to let everyone know that hopefully if everything goes ok our new website will be

                               switched on Sunday and old one switched off. We may have a few teething problems

                               so please bear  with us - there is much to do and things to settle down over the coming



                               This website is scheduled to be shutdown on 31/1/2015.


                               Thank you.





                                                                 One Day Run - 27/06/15


A unique Dawn to Dusk Challenge to ride from Coast to Coast in one day from Lowestoft to Lands End

Open to all Harley Riders and their passengers 


For details and booking form - Click HERE and HERE